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One brochure to show it all

Introducing the new migration-center brochure – a comprehensive guide unveiling the vast potential of our content migration software. Dive into a myriad of use cases spanning ECM platforms, DMS, legacy archives, and more. Explore the software’s architecture, seamlessly supporting various source and target systems like Microsoft SharePoint, OpenText Content Suite, Veeva Vault, and others.

Delve into its capabilities, including data mapping, metadata preservation, and security compliance. Follow a step-by-step process elucidating the intuitive migration path, complemented by the support of our Migration Services team. The brochure offers a visual tour with screenshots of the user-friendly interface, empowering you to revolutionize content migration. Discover how migration-center can streamline and enhance your migration process.

Free best practices checklist for content migration projects

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Many companies have to update or replace their systems with modern, often cloud-based Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions. In order to avoid frequent pitfalls and disruptions in migration projects, we would like to share insights and lessons learned from decades of successful migrations in various industries.

Illustration | 16Proper project planning
Avoid common mistakes in the planning of your project and prepare your data thoroughly

Illustration | 11Efficient & error-free migration
Seamlessly migrate your enterprise data in line with the agreed strategy

Illustration | 09Validation of migrated data
Ensure the accuracy and completeness of migrated data and increase user acceptance

Essentials for archiving and decommissioning document management systems

22. April 2024/by Mike Gration

6 major pitfalls to avoid in your content migration – Part II

4. December 2023/by Mike Gration

Large content migration strategies: Big bang vs. phased approach

15. November 2023/by Mike Gration

Accelerating migrations to Hyland Alfresco & Nuxeo content management platforms

2. November 2023/by Mike Gration

Migrating to Generis’ CARA Platform: Insights from a specialist

3. August 2023/by Mike Gration

6 major pitfalls to avoid in your content migration – Part I

19. July 2023/by Mike Gration

Unlocking success together: Why ECM service providers should add migration-center to their portfolio

20. June 2023/by Mike Gration

Delta migrations: How to avoid downtimes during data migrations

1. November 2022/by Mike Gration

It’s all about quality: How to validate data migrations in the life sciences industry

7. September 2022/by Mike Gration

The migration-center WebClient – A first step for our new migration tool generation

4. August 2022/by Mike Gration

Streamlining SharePoint migrations

11. July 2022/by Mike Gration

5 tips to optimize your migration project outcomes

27. April 2022/by Mike Gration

Two essential steps to migrate your legacy document management system

9. February 2022/by Mike Gration

Migrating a leading healthcare company to Veeva Vault RIM

14. December 2021/by Mike Gration

How to benefit from AWS AI in content migration projects

14. October 2021/by Mike Gration

Content migration: Chances and risks to consider

16. June 2021/by Mike Gration

Best practice to migrate audit trail entries with migration-center

3. May 2021/by Mike Gration

Test data management with migration-center

1. December 2020/by Mike Gration

Sunsetting – Quality endings with migration-center and OpenText InfoArchive

18. November 2020/by Mike Gration

Introducing the Microsoft SharePoint online batch importer

22. October 2020/by Mike Gration

Upgrading/replacing a database or OpenText Documentum server

19. October 2020/by Mike Gration

Information safekeeping – How to preserve information using the OAIS model

28. July 2020/by Mike Gration

Reducing the eTMF complexity for sponsors

9. July 2020/by Mike Gration

Document migration to OpenText xECM

12. December 2019/by Mike Gration

Why a manual migration approach is not an option

27. November 2019/by Mike Gration

How customers benefit from the combined effort between Tieto and migration-center

22. August 2019/by Mike Gration

A master plan: Why master data management is key to successful migration projects

24. July 2019/by Mike Gration

Successfully migrating content within the life science industry: Two exemplary projects

26. June 2019/by Mike Gration

The importance of data quality – an interview with a life sciences migration expert

29. May 2019/by Mike Gration

Getting an edge with your Box migration – Efficient, fast, and focused

22. May 2019/by Mike Gration

Moving your OpenText Documentum content from Centera to another file store

17. April 2019/by Mike Gration

Introducing the CSV & Excel file scanner

22. March 2019/by Mike Gration

Accelerate your content migration project with migration-center

6. March 2019/by Mike Gration

AI-powered content migration

30. January 2019/by Mike Gration

Introducing the new OpenText Content Server in-place importer

7. November 2018/by Mike Gration

Renditions & annotations

14. June 2018/by Mike Gration

System sizing, performance & scalability of migration-center

29. May 2018/by Mike Gration

IBM Domino application decommissioning

7. May 2018/by Mike Gration

IBM Notes application retirement

26. June 2017/by Mike Gration

Documentum migrations – Keep or change the object ID?

8. June 2017/by Mike Gration

migration-center feature – Database connector

12. April 2017/by Mike Gration

Migration to Documentum D2 and the Life Sciences Solution Suite

11. October 2016/by Mike Gration

migration-center vs. EMC’s EMA – Differences

4. July 2013/by Mike Gration