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Our team is continuously working on making migration-center a better product, be it through new features, expanding our partner network, participating in events, or offering content on migration-related topics such as blogposts, webinars, and the like. This section is intended to provide a quick overview of the most recent of these activities.

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Beginning of December our development team published the latest release 23.3 which added quite some interesting enhancements to our product. Up next, you can find a selection of some of the most desired changes. For a complete overview, please take a look at the release notes linked below.

  • New Azure Blog Storage Importer for on the fly folder creation
  • Enhanced Box Target Connector incl. API optimization
  • Added support for OpenText Content Server 23.3 and Exchange 365

As we discussed in our first episode of this blogpost series, content migrations have a reputation for being a complicated task. Let’s talk about another three very common challenges we’ve encountered over the past 20 years in a wide variety of migration projects involving different requirements, data complexities, industries, and customers.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to moving data as part of a major system consolidation project or a new re-platform deployment, but there are optimal decisions to ensure a smooth and stress-free transition. fme’s subject matter experts, harnessing tools such as our migration-center solution, will help you enable the right path based on your particular business needs.

When you’re planning a major application change involving a vast amount of data or contents, there are two main approaches you can take to manage the migration aspect – running it as a big bang or as a controlled, phased transition. And the most favorable choice will depend on your particular business circumstances.

The increasing importance of fluid, agile, reliable, and secure collaboration is driving more and more organizations to modernize their content management capabilities. As long as important insights and documents are in legacy systems or spread across multiple file shares and use case-specific repositories, teams’ ability to exchange information and do their jobs efficiently will be compromised – especially if colleagues are working from another location.

Hyland’s acquisition of state-of-the-art content management platforms Alfresco and Nuxeo offers customers a platform as they strive to modernize their capabilities (e.g. by harnessing the cloud, as well as more intelligent search facilities) and as they look to consolidate their content and drive more value from it.

The CARA Platform from Generis is a powerful, highly configurable platform built for you to manage your enterprise content, data, as well as business processes efficiently. As an official Generis Certified Partner, our content migration software migration-center supports both CARA for OpenText Documentum to the new cloud-based CARA Platform. We simplify migrations to the CARA Platform environment by featuring flexible ways to upload and transform content, import documents, content-less objects, structures, and audit trails.

In order to explore how the combination of the CARA Platform and migration-center can maximize value for customers, we are pleased to talk with Karo Rogowska, Marketing Manager at Generis.

migration-center receives four updates a year, one each quarter. End of September our development team published the latest release 23.2 which added quite some interesting enhancements to our product. Up next, you can find a selection of some of the most desired changes. For a complete overview, please take a look at the release notes linked below.

  • Expanded PostgreSQL compatibility: PostgreSQL 15.4 is supported, Oracle is not a prerequisite anymore
  • Box Importer: Update to SDK 4.2.1 and use App Authentication
  • SharePoint Online Importer: Increase upload file size limit to 250 GB

Braunschweig, Germany – September 5, 2023:  fme is pleased to announce its new collaboration with Informed Group to address the content migration market in the Benelux, both in terms of services and products.

By welcoming Informed Group as the latest member of its Service Partner alliance, fme’s team around the vendor-certified content migration software migration-center has taken another step closer to its goal of delivering maximum efficiency in global migration projects. The consulting company Informed Group based in the Netherlands is specialized in delivering high quality services and intelligent information management and low-code-related solutions.

“At fme, our mission is to empower clients to migrate their valuable data efficiently, securely, and with minimal disruption into their new ECM system. With Informed Group’s deep understanding of information management and digital transformation, we have an experienced partner at our side to serve the Belgian, Dutch, and Luxembourg markets with enhanced content migration services coupled with our leading migration technology”, states Florian Piaszyk-Hensen, Director of fme Products.

Jeroen Jansen, CEO and founder at Informed Group, confirms: “For the most part of the almost 30 years that I have been working on Documentum projects, fme’s migration-center is THE software to get the best result when migrating or upgrading your Documentum solutions. We are happy and proud that we finally can make our long-lasting partnership formal and have a clear path for all our migration challenges.”

Whether organizations need to migrate from legacy to modern ECM systems, switch from on-premises to cloud platforms, consolidate their ECM landscape, or simply archive records to an enterprise archive, migration-center supplies a solution for a variety of use cases. Thanks to its worldwide partner network, the migration-center team is capable of offering professional services for individual project areas, but also full-service agreements for entire projects with a local contact person.

Further information:

fme AG
Marc Oltzscher
Wolfenbütteler Straße 33
38102 Braunschweig

A content migration project is often more complex than it initially seems, and that is in the nature of things: There are so many key people and users involved in a centrally used document management system that at least one person in each department must or should take on a role. More or less.

Read more about common problems of content migration projects and how to avoid them in our blogpost.

In today’s digital era, businesses across industries are constantly seeking efficient and reliable solutions to address their data migration challenges. As an ECM service provider, you have the unique opportunity to offer an exceptional solution to your clients by partnering with us.

Get an overview of the numerous partnership benefits, the advantages of our cutting-edge product, and our seamless partner onboarding process in this blogpost.

Braunschweig, Germany – June 15, 2023: With its latest partner ProcessNet, fme is enhancing its worldwide services portfolio to cover OpenText-powered content migration projects.

ProcessNet is a professional service provider dedicated to leveraging OpenText technologies to minimize costs and risks associated with managing project-related business processes. As an official OpenText Partner, the Italy-based company offers a comprehensive skillset around OpenText Content Suite and Extended ECM (xECM) including operations support, consulting as well as technology know-how.

“We are pleased to welcome ProcessNet as a new member of our migration-center Service Partner alliance. Having joined the OpenText Partner ecosystem back in 2005, ProcessNet has accumulated extensive experience when it comes to harnessing OpenText technologies. As a result, the strategic partnership will lead to significant improvements for our joint global clients targeting OpenText as their new ECM solution”, explains Florian Piaszyk-Hensen, Director of fme Products.

Giusi Roselli, CEO at ProcessNet, confirms: “We were looking for tools that could speed up our document consolidation projects and when we realized being in the spotlight of fme we immediately recognized the perfect match.”

migration-center is a vendor-certified content migration software that helps customers reduce costs, manage risks, increase productivity, and accelerate the go-live of new ECM applications. In combination with a global service partner ecosystem, it is designed to smoothly execute even the most complex migration projects with a regional point of contact.

Further information:

fme AG
Marc Oltzscher
Wolfenbütteler Straße 33
38102 Braunschweig

migration-center receives four updates a year, one each quarter. End of May our development team published the latest release 23.1 which added quite some interesting enhancements to our product. Up next, you can find a selection of some of the most desired changes. For a complete overview, please take a look at the release notes linked below.

  • Jobserver: Removed .gz archiving from rolling policy for Jobserver logs
  • Alfresco Adapter: Added support for Alfresco 7.3.1
  • WebClient: Added stop button for background processing
  • Cara target connector: Added support for setting creation date for the content and renditions

How can fme’s dqMan and migration-center be used hand-in-hand to securely prepare and move documents and metadata in OpenText Documentum? This is the question we would like to address in our first combined product webinar.

See how you can benefit from the new dqMan version to thoroughly analyze, prepare, and clean-up your source system. Once prepared, get insights on how migration-center helps you to smoothly migrate your documents and metadata to a new ECM system. Sign up now to join our migration experts and learn how to use these tools efficiently!

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migration-center receives four updates a year, one each quarter. End of December our development team published the latest release 22.2 which added quite some interesting enhancements to our product. Up next, you can find a selection of some of the most desired changes. For a complete overview, please take a look at the release notes linked below.

  • The Desktop Client has been retired. The new WebClient introduced in version 22.1 is now the only UI available. In general, the WebClient received various changes and improvements of the UI.
  • The OnBase importer allows the user to set the document date
  • The SharePoint Online importer (batch) allows to add a source type to the imported documents
  • The Veeva importer allows importing major and minor versions of binders

The implementation of a very large data migration project raises many challenges. One of them being how to handle user downtime when making the switch between the old and the new system. The solution that migration-center offers is its so-called “delta migration” capability. This allows the migration to be split into two distinct phases: Initial migration and delta migration.

Energize your content migration with our major new product version! With migration-center 22.1 we introduced a long-awaited new client: the WebClient. Offering many enhanced and new features like MultiColumn mapping lists, copy/paste transformation rules, and analytics/insights capabilities, the release means a significant improvement for users.

Take a look at our webinar recording to benefit from insights into our latest product update of migration-center. Besides the deployment of the new migration-center WebClient, our migration experts demonstrate its new features and benefits and provide a preview of future development plans.

Working processes in the life sciences and pharmaceutical industries are controlled by strict quality and security regulations. The comprehensive regulatory requirements also apply when migrating data during the implementation of new IT applications or the consolidation of different systems after mergers and acquisitions. The question is: how can life sciences companies meet compliance guidelines and manage the quality of their data in the context of content migrations?

For our latest blogpost we talked to the Vice President of Migration Services at fme US, Wesley White, who has in-depth expertise in data migration projects in life sciences for the past 20+ years.

Braunschweig, Germany – August 31, 2022: fme AG confirms the launch of their revised product version for fast and effective use of OpenText Docu-mentum DQL and API commands.

Back in December 2021, fme announced the enhancement and commercialization of their comprehensive OpenText Documentum administration tool. As from now, the awaited new product version is available. dqMan’s deprecated free and Xtended versions are thus being replaced with the unified new product version. “Having completed a successful development and preparation period, we are excited to provide our customers with a powerful, customizable product for an even more efficient admin-istration of their OpenText Documentum applications,“ summarizes Florian Piaszyk-Hensen, Director of fme Products.

As an enterprise-grade software, dqMan secures full native support for x64-based environments including Java, Documentum/DFC up to the current version, and latest server operation systems. Designed for an improved user experience, the product offers a variety of revised and newly added features, among them an intuitive UI, Unicode support, and a new editor control. All functionalities can be found on the new product landingpage at a glance.

For the first time, users of the revised dqMan benefit from a dedicated support and maintenance service. Whether by browsing the online documentation towards the usage of dqMan, reviewing existing helpdesk tickets, or creating a custom support ticket, a reliable, professional product use and a fast resolution of issues are given high priority.

The purchase of fme’s enhanced OpenText Documentum administration tool is possible via various license packages tailored to the needs of different sized teams. License levels are designed for small teams with up to five users, medium teams with up to 10 users, large teams with up to 20 users, and enterprises with more than 20 users.

“Encouraged by the high quantity of received early bird discount requests, we look forward to future enhancements of dqMan in order to further simplify our user’s daily work routine. In the near future, dqMan will support additional platform and script languages like Veeva VQL and Microsoft PowerShell,” Florian Piaszyk-Hensen looks ahead.

Further information:

fme AG
Marc Oltzscher
Wolfenbütteler Straße 33
38102 Braunschweig
T +49 531 23854 0

Braunschweig, Germany – August 25, 2022: With the announcement of a new strategic partnership with Datacentrix, fme expands its range of professional services and product offerings for content migration projects in Africa and the Middle East.

fme extends the global Service Partner network around its vendor-certified content migration software migration-center with Datacentrix, a leading hybrid IT systems integrator and managed services provider. Disposing of deep technical expertise, Datacentrix supports customers based in Africa and the Middle East with digital business solutions, technology solutions, and managed services on their journey to digitalization.

“We look forward to serving our local clienteles’ growing interest in content migration projects and to adding real value to their ECM business in collaboration with our new Service Partner,” explains Florian Piaszyk-Hensen, Director of fme Products. “Thanks to the newly formed partnership with Datacentrix, we are able to increasingly help our customers stay on top of digitalization and modernize their business application landscape,” he continues.

Zakariah Shaik, Head of Professional Services for Digital Business Solutions at Datacentrix adds: “Through our partnership with fme and the use of their migration software migration-center we were able to provide one of our strategic customers with an efficient and timely migration solution to a complex problem. We had to consolidate content from four content suite environments into one. migration-center made it much easier to accomplish this and the support we got from fme throughout the journey has been phenomenal.”

With more than 500 customers and 1.500 successfully accomplished migration projects worldwide, migration-center is a leading solution for complex content migrations. Together with our international partners, our Migration Services team, consisting of developers, project managers, migration specialists, and communication experts, is well-equipped to provide competent assistance in all project phases and to deliver high quality outcomes.

Further information:

fme AG
Marc Oltzscher
Wolfenbütteler Straße 33
38102 Braunschweig

As mentioned in one of our previous blogposts, we decided quite a while ago to replace the desktop client with a new and modern user interface – one that’s more intuitive and provides better usability.

For quite some time, we focused on developing new connectors and enhancing the functionality of the existing ones. As a result, migration-center now supports the main ECM platforms in the market. However, in the last two years we also focused on extending migration-center’s core capabilities by developing a brand-new WebUI. We finally released it officially in early July.

The disruption to workplaces and to teamwork during the peak of the pandemic spurred many organizations to propel their IT transformation projects higher up the business agenda.

As a result, we have seen initiatives to adopt more modern, cloud-based applications, content management repositories and collaboration platforms increase sharply over the last two years.

Microsoft SharePoint Online, accessed securely via the cloud, has been the subject of a particular surge of popularity, offering dispersed teams a means of sharing and collaborating on data and documents very fluidly from any location.

This release brings the new migration-center WebClient component to replace the existing Desktop Client. It comes with all the existing features as well as a few new ones:

  • MultiColumn mapping lists
  • Better handling of the migset configurations
  • Copy / paste transformation rules
  • Search / filter in most tables and lists
  • Split migset feature
  • Export mapping lists and object types
  • New column with total objects per scanner (all runs)
  • Analytics / insights capabilities

The Object History feature is not available in this release of the WebClient. It will be enhanced and provided in the next release.

The dependency on Oracle Client was removed by providing a new Database installer that connects via JDBC and by using the new WebClient.

The versioning was changed this release from the previous incremental versioning to a calendar versioning system.

Features & Enhancements


  • New migration-center WebClient (#54598)
  • New Database Installer that does not require Oracle Client (#60785)
  • Added support for Oracle 21c. Remove support for Oracle 10g (#60720)

Documentum Importer

  • Added support for Documentum 21.4 (#60237)

Documentum Scanner

  • Added ability to filter scanned relations (#58806)
  • Allow scanning a list of ids from a file (#59324)
  • Allow providing dqlString with a length > 4000 characters (#60183)

D2 Importer

  • Added support for D2 21.4 (#60236)
  • Added mapping of virtual document version binding labels in D2 importer (#52032)

OpenText Scanner and Importer

  • Added support scanning and importing projects (#61647)

Veeva Importer

  • Delete the documents with a specific attribute set to true (#60692)

Alfresco Scanner

  • Allow excluding source attributes (#61956)


Documentum Scanner

  • The values of attribute_list in Audit trails are scanned in reverse order (#61134)
  • Mapping relations in Documentum scanner does not work (#62588)

D2 Importer

  • D2 validation skipped in some cases:
    – when property page contains a label that has a value assistance
    – when property page contains a combo field that are not linked to a property and have “Auto Select Single value list” checked (#60874)

Database Scanner

  • Database scanner remove some characters from filenames when exporting content (#61073)
  • Database scanner null pointer (#62181)
  • Database scanner null pointer when object with parent is scanned before parent(#62264)
  • Database scanner throws “no versions returned!” errors on valid data (#62627)
  • Make key values in query configuration file case insensitive (#60509)

OpenText Importer

  • Importing compound docs updates with missing parent, results in nullPointerException (#55316)
  • Import does not work with ACL with empty permissions (#61354)

OpenText Scanner

  • No objects scanned when rootFolderIds <> “2000” and scanFolderPaths = “/” (#59292)
  • OpenText scanner initializer authenticates too many times (#62301)

SharePoint Batch Importer

  • Importing documents failed because the local xorHash is not the same with the one computed on SharePoint (#61262)
  • Could not find SPO time zone with description ‘(UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US and Canada) (#61267)

Filesystem Scanner

  • FS scanner error logging not working correctly (#61051)

Veeva Importer

  • Cannot import objects with a field that refers to itself (#61472)

Braunschweig, Germany – July 04, 2022:  Quantum Solutions and fme agree on a strategic partnership to supply professional migration services in Croatia, combining the experience in software development projects of Quantum Solutions with fme’s proven software migration-center.

Quantum Solutions, headquartered in the Croatian capital Zagreb, is the latest partner to join the global Service Partner network around migration-center. From project planning through application development to professional maintenance and support, the software development services provider offers a variety of IT services to their customers.

“With a focus on enterprise content management systems and digital experience platforms, Quantum Solutions is an experienced supplier of technology services. We believe partnering with Quantum Solutions will allow us to successfully make a way into the Croatian market and we are looking forward to expanding our professional services portfolio together to this area”, explains Florian Piaszyk-Hensen, Director of fme Products, confidently.

“The new strategic partnership with fme will expand the range of services that we can offer to our clients in the area of enterprise CMS solutions”, states Hrvoje Mesec, CEO at Quantum Solutions. “Clients often struggle with complex migration projects and now we are able to provide them a more streamlined experience by employing migration-center; a renowned product that was proven on numerous projects worldwide”, Hrvoje Mesec continues.

Further information:

fme AG
Marc Oltzscher
Wolfenbütteler Straße 33
38102 Braunschweig

Braunschweig, Germany – June 28, 2022: With SquareOne another partner joins the migration-center Service Partner network, who will proficiently support clients with professional services for migration projects particularly in the area of Middle East and India.

Being a niche ICT solution provider that operates across Middle East and India, SquareOne complements the Service Partner network around migration-center with substantial competence and years of experience in the field of enterprise content management. With eight offices in the Middle East and India region, SquareOne is able to provide customers with holistic on-site support and handle migration projects as they arise.

“Recently, we have received an increasing number of project inquiries from the Middle East. Expanding our Service Partner network in this region is therefore only the next logical step. We are delighted to have found such an accomplished partner in SquareOne. With their profound knowledge we are definitely able to leverage the ECM business of our clients substantially”, states Florian Piaszyk-Hensen, Director of fme Products.

Minosh Salam, Director at SquareOne adds to the statement of Florian: “We are glad to announce our partnership with fme – we see a lot of synergies in the partnership as it tremendously helps us strengthen our portfolio in the enterprise content management space. We’ve been in the ECM industry for more than a decade. We’ve seen technologies change – often significantly – over the years and are continually involved in the latest developments. Drawing on that experience, we’ve developed proven best practices for optimal content migration. Together, working as one team, we will unlock the full potential of ECM and place our clients on the best path for success in the new digital business landscape.”

migration-center is one of the leading solutions for tackling complex content migration projects. In addition to the product the corresponding Service Partner network is an important cornerstone for providing migration-center’s globally distributed clientele with professional services. The portfolio includes selective steps of content migration such as analysis, trainings, configuration, or monitoring as well as the implementation of complete projects.

Further information:

fme AG
Marc Oltzscher
Wolfenbütteler Straße 33
38102 Braunschweig

As we are constantly working to improve our social media presence for migration-center, we have decided to create a dedicated migration-center product page and a so-called showcase page on LinkedIn.

How can you benefit from these two new pages?

  • Follow our showcase page to catch the latest news about migration-center directly in your newsfeed
  • Visit our product page and assign your own LinkedIn profile the new migration-center skill to show that you are proficient with our migration software

Important note: The current migration-center LinkedIn group will be disbanded after a transitional period

When organizations take the decision to migrate content to a new, modern system – whether to retire end-of-life legacy systems, or as part of a broader digital transformation journey – the temptation is to view this as a large ‘copy’ operation. The assumption is that all content from the old system will be ported across to the new environment, like for like.

This is not only to vastly over-simplify the undertaking; it also misses the opportunity to rethink the way companies and teams capture and manage content, and to thereby transform business processes.

Read more and benefit from five tips to optimize your content migration project outcomes.

Braunschweig, Germany – April 26, 2022: On their recently published product landingpage, fme AG is promoting an exclusive early bird discount for the upcoming dqMan, which is planned to be released at the end of June 2022.

In December 2021 fme AG announced the development of a revised dqMan version to be able to provide customers a connection to the current OpenText Documentum environment. “The development of the new dqMan is progressing very well and we are looking forward to release the enhanced product by end of June 2022”, summarizes Florian Piaszyk-Hensen, Director of fme Products.

With the lately published product landingpage, fme AG achieved an important milestone in their product development process. Users can get first insights into revised and newly added features, that are designed to leverage the quality of their OpenText Documentum applica-tions. A frequently asked question section is also part of the new landingpage and is intended to give answers the most common questions about compatibility and outdated product ver-sions.

In addition, visitors benefit from an overview of existing pricing options. License packages are designed for small teams with up to five users, medium teams with up to 10 users, large teams with up to 20 users, and enterprises with more than 20 users. Most importantly, companies are offered a 10 % early bird discount for the first year of their dqMan license.

“OpenText Documentum experts can expect a variety of useful new functionalities to further simplify their daily administration tasks from our revised dqMan. They shouldn’t miss to claim their exclusive 10 % discount for early birds”, emphasizes Florian.

The product landing page will be kept up to date to inform administrators, developers, and supporters about the progress of the further development. Moreover, dqMan users can follow the latest news from dqMan on Twitter and Facebook.

Further information:

fme AG
Marc Oltzscher
Wolfenbütteler Straße 33
38102 Braunschweig
T +49 531 23854 0

Is migration-center affected by the Spring Framework vulnerability CVE-2022-22965?

A new vulnerability was discovered recently in Spring MVC and Spring WebFlux and published on the the Spring official site.

Since migration-center Jobserver is not running in a Tomcat and it’s not packaged in a traditional WAR it may not be affected by this vulnerability. Nevertheless, since this vulnerability might be exploited in different ways, our development team prepared an update package to upgrade the affected Spring dependencies to the latest version that is not affected by this vulnerability.

The list of adapters that use spring-core and spring-beans jars (directly affected by the vulnerability) are:

  • Database Scanner
  • Sharepoint Online Scanner
  • Veeva Scanner
  • Generis Cara Importer
  • Sharepoint Batch Importer
  • Sparta Trackwise Importer
  • Veeva Importer

If one of the above adapters is used, the recommended actions are:

  1. Downgrade to Java 8 if possible
  2. Upgrade to migration-center 3.17 update 4
Updating from version 3.17 Update 3 requires replacing only the Jobserver component.
Remember to reinstall the CSOM service as well for the SharePoint Online Batch Importer as described here.

Does anyone still have an old, maybe outdated system, platform, or document management system (DMS) in their IT environment? We do.

In order not to name a specific manufacturer, I call it an exotic system. Why? Because it has been running for a long time and if I ask our apprentices (young people) they won’t even know what it is unless they have to work with it.

With “exotic systems” I also just may refer to the DMS that Gartner doesn’t mention in the Magic Quadrant for Content Services Platforms.

So, you’re using one of those exotic DMS. And you’re thinking of replacing it but aren’t sure if it’s possible to export and keep your data? Here is an overview of what to consider. If you have any questions while reading, just contact us.

Complex migration projects expose different challenges – one of them refers to the metadata or classification of unstructured content like Microsoft Office, PDF documents, or images. Those metadata are often incomplete, incorrect, or simply do not exist in the source systems. During the migration process, much more effort is needed to fix incomplete metadata because it must be added manually, or external data sources are required to complete the missing information.

However, enhancing the unstructured content with meaningful content is highly recommended to sustain the integrity of the application’s data. At this point, machine learning based natural language processing comes into play – a machine learning supported classification process can reduce this effort dramatically.

Generis CARA is an enterprise cloud workspace specifically designed for regulated areas like the life sciences or financial services industry. The intelligent content services platform offers seamless enterprise  connections to streamline processes, reduce costs, increase efficiency, and is being used by more than 500,000 experts worldwide.

Sparta TrackWise Digital is a cloud-based digital complaints and quality management system. The industry-leading solution offers integrated modules that in combination support compliance, quality, and  increase the effectiveness and efficiency of decision making. Through advanced analytics and reporting across all quality processes, users can leverage the data quality to improve the company-wide  performance.