Introducing the new OpenText Content Server In-Place Importer

Colleague | Mark Deckert

Mark Deckert
Head of Product Development @ fme AG

November 7, 2018


Starting with migration-center version 3.6, we offer an OpenText Content Server in-place importer. In this blogpost, I’m going to describe the use case for this new connector.

Use Case

A common use case is that end users of your DMS want to change attributes in any category of existing documents without uploading another version of that documents. The new in-place importer allows you to do just that.

The process for changing certain attributes on existing documents could look like following.
Initial situation: End users want to change attributes on all documents in folder XYZ.

  1. As a migration-center administrator you setup an OpenText Content Server scanner to scan all documents in folder XYZ, create an OpenText in-place migration set and export the attributes of all documents into a CSV file.
  2. You hand the CSV file to the end users, who then can change any attributes they like.
  3. Once you get the changed CSV file back, use our small Excel migration set import tool to load the CSV file back into migration-center. Your migration set will then contain all the changes made by the end users.
  4. Finally, you import the migration set into the same repository in order to change the attributes of the existing documents

    01 | Blogpost | Introducing the new OpenText Content Server in-place importer

    Procedure of the OpenText Content Server in-place importer

Simple as that – no need for writing any scripts that perform the changes or even change all those documents manually.

A further use case is to enhance the quality of your repository by adding additional categories/attribute values or by adding missing attribute values.

Supported Features

The OpenText Content Server in-place importer supports the following features:

  • Update attributes of existing categories for documents.
  • Add new categories to documents.
  • Remove categories from documents.