Unlocking success together: Why ECM service providers should add migration-center to their portfolio

Colleague | Fredrik Olsson

Fredrik Olsson
Senior Sales & Business Development Manager @ fme AG

June 20, 2023

In today’s digital era, businesses across industries are constantly seeking efficient and reliable solutions to address their data migration challenges. As an ECM service provider, you have the unique opportunity to offer an exceptional solution to your clients by partnering with us.

Why partner with migration-center?

Expand your portfolio and revenue stream

By partnering with us, service providers gain access to a powerful and comprehensive data migration solution that can significantly enhance their service offerings. Adding migration-center to your portfolio allows you to address the increasing demand for seamless and secure content migration, establishing yourself as a trusted and forward-thinking ECM service specialist.

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Partner with us to maximize your profitability.

This diversification not only strengthens your business but also opens new revenue streams. Once in touch with a company, you may place your professional services and consultancy in combination with a stable and reliable migration software. Follow-up projects secure you and your team considerable add-on business.

Become visible in your region

Most ECM projects start with the thoughts of how to migrate the data. With migration-center in your portfolio, you position yourself as a key contact point for migration project support in your region.

In addition, you become more visible through our collaborative marketing approach. We assist our partners with customized marketing initiatives such as joint webinars and social media campaigns as well as marketing materials to increase awareness and attract new prospects.

02 | Blogpost | Unlocking success together: Why ECM service providers should add migration-center to their portfolio

Get maximum exposure and stay on top of product news with our marketing collaterals.

Leverage a strong brand reputation

At fme we proudly look back to more than 1,500 successfully completed content migration projects worldwide across different industries. Thus, our 100 % out-of-the-box software has earned it an outstanding reputation in the community. Being associated with a trusted and well-established brand like migration-center helps you strengthen your own credibility.

03 | Blogpost | Unlocking success together: Why ECM service providers should add migration-center to their portfolio

Maximize confidence in your prospects and win new business with our vendor-certified migration software.

Boost your customer success

With migration-center you have more than 220 out-of-the-box connectors to many popular applications like OpenText Documentum, Microsoft SharePoint, and file shares in your hand. Take advantage of our software and offer tailored migration solutions that align perfectly with your clients’ requirements ensuring a secure and quick delivery of projects.

Why could migration-center be the key success factor to expand your ECM service offer?

Learn how you can become an expert of content migration and get access to this powerful, door-opening tool to push your digitalization portfolio forward and succeed in the market. Let us help you to emerge as a recognized data-migration service provider in your region with our dedicated partner collaboration platform:

  • Get our full software for demo & testing reason

  • Obtain comprehensive partner training and support

  • Receive sales opportunity reports & be part of status meetings

  • Benefit from versatile sales & marketing collateral

  • Use our inexpensive partner rates for migration experts

Are you ready to unlock your business potential?

We are now looking for partners in several regions like Europe and South America.
Get in touch with us today and we are happy to share more details about our partner program with you!