IBM Domino Application Decommissioning

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Colleague | Florian Piaszyk-Hensen

Florian Piaszyk-Hensen
Director Products @ fme AG

May 7, 2018

The IBM Domino Connector for migration-center makes application decommissioning an easy task while saving costs, fulfilling legal requirements, and finishing your migration project in time as well.

The Challenge

Over time, most companies using IBM Domino have created a huge number of different applications based on this technology. Even though not all of these applications contain critical information that needs to be maintained if the IBM Domino infrastructure is dismissed, the number of applications that are subject to decommissioning can be huge. The more of these applications exist, the more difficult a migration will be. Therefore, the technical approach to decommissioning must be independent of the application itself.

The technical challenges that need to be addressed in a decommissioning project plan may be diverse:

  • The number of applications can be very large
  • Applications must not be changed to perform migration/decommissioning process flow
  • Applications may contain large numbers of documents
  • Documents can be encrypted
  • Document types in an application vary broadly
  • Richtext fields cannot be easily exported and transformed
  • Documents may contain attachments
  • Documents can link to other documents
  • Documents might have been versioned
  • Documents might need to be editable in the new system

How does migration-center do the trick?

Our IBM Domino connector helps overcome the various challenges described above. The product supports a wide range of file formats to export: the document itself, its metadata (field contents), and the attachments a document contains.

By using IBM Domino’s C-API to control the export of documents, metadata, and attachments, migration-center uses a generic approach that does not require any changes to the application. In fact, it is independent of the IBM Domino application that is subject to migration or decommissioning, the type of documents maintained by the application, and even the metadata (field) structure of the documents. Supporting multiple export formats for documents and the ability to export normal attachments as well as OLE objects contained in rich text fields, allows customers to configure the product in a way that helps address any of the challenges that might be involved with a migration or application decommissioning project, including legal compliance.

Your Benefits

  • Reduce the cost and time of your migration project by using our IBM Domino connector
  • Support of application decommissioning process to save maintenance costs
  • High scalability and delta migration ability
  • Integration of format conversions as required
  • Guaranteed high system availability
  • Possibility to extend the platform over time due to open connectivity architecture
  • Mass import of data possible

Need help decommissioning your IBM Domino application?

To discuss a specific data migration requirement or find out more about our extensive range of migration-center capabilities, just reach out to us and we’ll get you connected with our migration experts.