Vendor-certified content migration software

migration-center is not only a product but rather a content migration platform for complex migration scenarios that is designed to help customers reduce costs, manage risks, increase productivity, and accelerate the go-live of enterprise content management (ECM) applications.

  • 100 % out-of-the-box (no additional programming)

  • Proven in more than 1.900 projects worldwide

  • 19+ years of content migration experience

  • More than 250 available migration paths

  • Applicable without business downtime

  • High performance through scalable components

  • Saves up to 80 % in time & 60 % in costs

  • Suited for highly regulated industries

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Packed with useful features

High performance through unlimited scalability

Input data is analyzed and organized into contextually consistent and manageable data sets. Duplicates are identified and reported. No volume restrictions exist while at the same time high performance handling is guaranteed. Multiple and parallel set processing, allowing different analysts to work in parallel, is another outstanding feature. Mass operations run in the background on scalable components.

No downtime through delta migration concept

Successive delta scanning of source systems permits migration activities on live data without effecting daily business operations. migration-center automatically picks up any changes to source repositories and integrates them into the migration process.

Cost-efficiency through direct applicability (OOTB)

As proven in many projects, migration-center is able to save up to 60 % in costs and 80 % in project duration time compared to developing custom scripts or using open source frameworks. Using it out-of-the-box therefore helps customers worldwide to keep their projects in time and budget.

Further capabilities

With the enormous set of out-of-the-box features, capabilities and migration paths, migration-center is able to cover over 90 % of all possible migration requirements and can easily be adapted to help customers in reacting on change requests when needed. All the possible configurations can also be reused in other migration projects as well.

Through its enormous flexibility, migration-center covers a variety of applications and migration scenarios. Whether you would like to migrate to the cloud, consolidate your ECM landscape or simply archive records to an enterprise archive, migration-center is the best fit for many different migration plans.

The typical migration process consists of certain clearly defined steps. migration-center allows the analyst to follow the same six migration phases in each project. This approach is based on best practice principles developed over thousands of migration projects and lowers the learning curve.

migration-center is used by 90 % of the Top 10 and 60 % of the Top 30 pharmaceutical companies worldwide and fulfills their challenging demands. With features like data validation, content integrity checks, robust logging and many other aspects it has established itself as a defacto standard in the regulated environment.

Object attributes (metadata) are transformed through the use of functions. Per attribute an unlimited number of functions may be inserted. The output of one can be used as the input to another, allowing highly complex transformation rules. Individual rules for every data set can thus be defined, specifying metadata extraction and transformation as required by the target system, the assignment of folder location, document links and access permissions, relations, and many more.

For each individual set, migration-center allows the dynamic simulation and testing of all transformation rules before committing content to the repository import, including validation against the target model, automated or manual error handling, on-/offline simulation and rollback. Full logging and auditing capabilities are standard.

In case of challenges with the product or the project execution, an outstanding support is one key element of a successful migration project. Since a couple of years the migration-center product support reaches a 100 % customer satisfaction rating with well-educated support agents, answering migration-center related questions, helping users with tipps and tricks or scheduling remote sessions to solve complex challenges.

The Auto Classification Module allows users to predict unknown attribute values. The algorithm detects patterns based on the unstructured content of a document and refers them to possible attribute values. These values can then be used as new attribute values for the ECM system. To adapt to a unique use case, existing classified documents can be employed to train a precise algorithm.

The inplace migration is less a migration than a great update functionality. It enables customers to scan documents and their metadata from a repository, do transformations on those documents as usual, and then update the documents in the same repository.

Feature insights


Get an overview of the sophisticated functionalities, the supported use cases, the efficient migration process, and much more of migration-center and how our Migration Services team can support you further in no time with our new brochure.

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More than 250 migration paths

migration-center grants more than 250 out-of-the-box connectors from various source to various target systems. Combine them to get your migration path. If you can’t locate your system, just use our powerful database connector that can be applied to nearly all applications available.

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Applicable for nearly any use case

A certified product like migration-center can help turning a former complex, lengthy, and cost-intensive migration project into a manageable one led by best practices acquired over 19 years of content migration experience. This results in savings of up to 80 % in time and 60 % in costs.

Use case | Hexagon | Migrate

Migrate from your legacy or outdated ECM systems, from on-premises to cloud platforms, from cloud to cloud solutions or conduct migrations due to storage shifts (inplace)

Use case | Hexagon | Consolidate & integrate

Consolidate repositories, data silos, technologies, platforms or integrate external data or documents (e. g. for M&A activities)

Use case | Hexagon | Decommission & retire

Decommission legacy applications, ECM platforms or content stores

Use case | Hexagon | Roll-out

Initially migrate content from file shares, legacy or third-party products to accelerate the roll-out of a new ECM platform

Use case | Hexagon | Archive

Archive data or e-mails to an enterprise archive or data to back up and recovery repositories

Use case | Hexagon | Others

Generate test data, schedule batch imports, publish documents, reclassify content objects or enrich or cleanse metadata

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Explore your migration path further

In order to offer you the best possible comfort, we have developed the Connector Matrix. Simply select your source and target system and the Connector Matrix will show you all functionalities for this specific migration path.

Source System

Supported versions:

Target System

Supported versions:

Feature Category Support

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Take a quick look at all supported source and target systems in our concise datasheet.

Peeking inside completed projects

migration-center is being used all across the globe in various industries from small to medium-sized companies up to the biggest corporations and industry leaders. Some of our projects have been made publicly available to demonstrate how the use of migration-center impacted the outcome of various migration projects.

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A throng of satisfied customers

With more than 500 customers and 1.900 successfully accomplished migration projects worldwide our list of customers is quite long. To get a better impression of our diversity regarding industries and company sizes, we have listed an excerpt right here.

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