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Hyland OnBase provides a single platform for building content-enabled applications while complementing your other core business systems – delivering value for both your business units and IT department. migration-center can help you to initially fill or extend your applications from many different source systems using the out-of-the-box source connectors and the directory import process. migration-center supports the OnBase versions all the way up to 20.8.x.

Illustration | 12Platform consolidation
migration-center supports a huge variety of different source platforms and most of their features. Together with a very flexible (metadata) transformation engine and the OnBase importer it excels at migrating all content and metadata from several platforms into one Hyland OnBase system in the right format. Object type definitions can be customized and fully mapped to fit into on single ECM with several applications. Source systems can be legacy ECMs, file shares, and even databases.

Illustration | 11Archiving
Archiving or decommissioning to Hyland OnBase can be done with migration-center in a very granular way. The content from many different sources can be analyzed and classified and then be moved to an archive application if attribute values, content types, or other information fit the defined criteria. Documents which shouldn’t currently be archived can be migrated to other productive applications. In that way the content can be split up and moved to seperate locations.

Illustration | 09Rollout
migration-center can help to start from scratch with a new ECM. After the deployment of Hyland OnBase the file share and other connectors can easily be used to initially fill the repository. It can also be used to analyse file shares or databases of legacy systems to check the documents’ data quality and decide which documents to migrate to Hyland OnBase. migration-center utilizes the DIP interface and produces the input documents with XML on the file share automatically. No matter where the files come from: the XML can be designed as needed through the flexible build-in metadata and XSL transformation.


Obtain important information on migration options to Hyland OnBase with the help of migration-center: insights into possible use cases, supported source systems, and an overview of our migration process, all compiled on one page!

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A proven six-step migration approach

To ensure efficiency and accuracy, migration-center follows a best-practice-based migration process consisting of six iterative steps. All steps can be performed independently and in parallel (fully scalable). The beauty: they take place in migration-center’s database allowing any transformation or mapping errors to be detected and corrected before the actual import.

Migration process | Step 1

Extract & analyze

All objects to be migrated to Hyland OnBase are exported from their corresponding source system and can be analyzed in terms of type, format, metadata, and other properties.

Migration process | Step 2


The objects are now organized into manageable sets. Such a set is usually created from objects that have something in common and are to be processed in the same or a similar way.

Migration process | Step 3

Transform & map

Transformation rules are assigned to each migration set, which are used to generate the properties for Hyland OnBase. The transformation is executed within migration-center.

Migration process | Step 4


The transformed metadata of the documents is tested and validated against Hyland OnBase but without importing the objects.

Migration process | Step 5


Potential errors are detected during the transformation and validation steps and can be corrected in unlimited iterations of step 3 and 4.

Migration process | Step 6 | Hyland OnBase


The transformed and validated objects are gradually imported into Hyland OnBase.

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Watch our latest Hyland OnBase webinar recording any time on our YouTube channel. We give you an introduction to the use of migration-center, the associated benefits, and a migration expert shows you an exemplary content migration in a live demo.

Supported migration paths at a glance

migration-center supports content migration from databases, file shares, cloud platforms, legacy applications, and more systems to many popular ECM platforms like Hyland OnBase. Simply choose a combination of source and target system in the Connector Matric below to view supported capabilities and versions.

Source System

Supported versions:

Target System

Supported versions: 20.8.x

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