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As regulated industries have unique data processing requirements, conventional ETL tools only satisfy a portion of these needs and often fall short of meeting the legal and industry-specific compliance standards. While individualized implementations can address this issue, they necessitate building them from the ground up, which is time-consuming and costly. Furthermore, these bespoke solutions are more susceptible to errors, which is unacceptable in a validated environment. In contrast, migration-center boasts a scalable architecture designed for handling high data volumes, the ability to perform delta migrations to minimize downtime, and a sophisticated metadata transformation capability. Notably, migration-center also provides an audit-compliant migration process.

Illustration | 13Onboarding to a cloud-based QMS
A pivotal component of our clients’ digital transformation strategy revolves around the rejuvenation of their business application landscape. Capitalizing on the features of migration-center and the specialized Migration Services tailored for the life sciences sector, fme presents a holistic, end-to-end solution designed to facilitate the seamless transition of data from legacy or outdated on-premises solutions to the cutting-edge TrackWise Digital platform, a cloud-based quality management system (QMS) of Sparta. Within this context, the migration process, in conjunction with the robust migration features inherent in TrackWise Digital, provides an exceptionally versatile framework, offering support for the secure and efficient content migration to the various components of the TrackWise QMS.

Illustration | 09Platform consolidation
migration-center is equipped to seamlessly interface with a wide range of diverse source platforms, encompassing the majority of their functionalities. Complemented by its highly adaptable metadata transformation engine and integrated TrackWise Digital importer, migration-center excels in the task of migrating content and metadata from a variety of source platforms into a consolidated TrackWise Digital system, ensuring precise formatting alignment. This migration process is characterized by stringent control and regulation, facilitating the transformation of legacy data fields into the TrackWise Digital data model, while also enabling the smooth transfer of a substantial volume of document records from numerous legacy ECM systems.


Obtain a comprehensive understanding of the advanced features, the range of supported scenarios, the streamlined migration procedure, and more about migration-center. Discover how our Migration Services team can assist you with our latest brochure!

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Only six proven steps to success

With a well-defined six-step process that has evolved through years of migration projects, migration-center offers a highly scalable approach. Each process step can be executed independently, allowing for flexibility. Moreover, by processing all data exclusively within the migration-center database, the risk of errors during the transformation and import phase is significantly minimized.

Migration process | Step 1

Extract & analyze

All objects to be migrated to Sparta TrackWise Digital are exported from their corresponding source system and can be analyzed in terms of type, format, metadata, and other properties.

Migration process | Step 2


The objects are now organized into manageable sets. Such a set is usually created from objects that have something in common and are to be processed in the same or a similar way.

Migration process | Step 3

Transform & map

Transformation rules are assigned to each migration set, which are used to generate the properties for Sparta TrackWise Digital. The transformation is executed within migration-center.

Migration process | Step 4


The transformed metadata of the documents is tested and validated against Sparta TrackWise Digital but without importing the objects.

Migration process | Step 5


Potential errors are detected during the transformation and validation steps and can be corrected in unlimited iterations of step 3 and 4.

Migration process | Step 6 | Sparta TrackWise Digital


The transformed and validated objects are gradually imported into Sparta TrackWise Digital.

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Watch our migration-center webinar recording about the version 22.1 any time on our YouTube channel. We give you an introduction into our major version of migration-center, the associated benefits, and an expert leads you through a live demo.

Supported features of all migration paths

When considering a challenging transition to Sparta TrackWise Digital, migration-center emerges as the ideal solution. It accommodates a wide array of systems, including cloud platforms, outdated applications, databases, file repositories, and more. Just select your suitable source and target system using our Connector Matrix.

Source System

Supported versions:

Target System

Supported versions: TrackWise Online

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