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Generis CARA offers support for many use cases in the Life Sciences industry. With our CARA connector you can migrate your existing content like documents, versions, renditions, audit trails, and relations from nearly every legacy system to the CARA content services platform while at the same time ensuring compliance; one of the most-demanded requirements for content migrations in the Life Sciences industry.

  • 211 possible migration paths

  • 100 % out-of-the-box (no additional programming effort)

  • Proven in more than 1.000 projects

  • Saves up to 80 % in time & 60 % in costs

  • Certified by leading ECM vendors

  • No business downtime

  • High performance through scalable components

  • Suited for highly regulated environments

  • 15+ years on the market

migration-center is an official Generis Certified Partner:

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Outstanding features available

Version history & metadata

Migrate documents including full version history & metadata

Relation transfer

Keep relations between documents throughout the migration process

Support for audit trails

Retain audit trail records of the migrated documents

Renditions capabilities

Migrate existing renditions

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All migration path capabilities in one list

The Connector Matrix allows you to create all currently available migration paths (source system in connection with target system) and to list the supported capabilities and versions.

Source System

Supported versions:

Target System

Supported versions: 5.1.0

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