Content migration to file shares

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There are many reasons to export data from an ECM system to a file share, e.g. archiving, data exchange with third parties etc. Our file share importer allows you to save the source documents with all their versions, renditions, and metadata to a file share. Of course, you can use migration-center’s powerful transformation engine to transform and restructure the source data to your needs. And you can use the scheduler included in migration-center to export your data recurrently.

  • 211 possible migration paths

  • 100 % out-of-the-box (no additional programming effort)

  • Proven in more than 1.000 projects

  • Saves up to 80 % in time & 60 % in costs

  • Certified by leading ECM vendors

  • No business downtime

  • High performance through scalable components

  • Suited for highly regulated environments

  • 15+ years on the market

migration-center is an official Oracle Partner:

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Outstanding features available

File share attributes

The file share importer allows you to set certain file share attributes, e.g. file owner, file creation date, and file modified date

Version support

Save all versions of a document in the file share with your custom naming schema defined in the transformation rules

Rendition split-up

Save a document’s renditions as separate files in the file share without any hassle

Metadata as XML

Define the metadata you need from your source objects and our file share importer will output a corresponding XML file, which can then be tailored by applying a custom XSLT stylesheet

Migration Process | New

Incorporating best practice processes and the migration experience of more than 20 years migration-center can reduce migration costs and time substantially.

“The migration-center functioned perfectly during the transfer of the legacy data. We were able to use it to filter all our stored documents and automatically convert them according to our specifications.” Christoph Gedwien – Internal IT Consultant @ Open Grid Europe

Ready to import from your source system

Migration Target | File share

Migrate from various databases, ECMs, file shares & legacy applications.

migration-center supports a variety of different features and versions of file shares to offer the greatest range of application possibilities.

Is there another version or feature of file shares you would like us to support?

Just send us a quick message and our development team can look into your request immediately.

Supported versions of file shares

  • UNC compatible

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All migration paths capabilities in one list

The Connector Matrix allows you to create all currently available migration paths (source system in connection with target system) and to list the supported capabilities and versions.

Source System

Supported versions:

Target System

Supported versions: UNC compatible

Feature Category Support