Case study

Content migration from file shares to OpenText Documentum D2 10 times faster

Sped-up process

Tenfold accelerated process due to batch migration

Performance optimization

Increased productivity due to enhanced system performance

Legal compliance

Compliance with legal requirements

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  • Product used: migration-center
  • Source systems: File Shares, SharePoint, OpenText Physical Records Manager
  • Target systems: OpenText Documentum D2 4.2 & D 7.2


Hess Corporation needed to migrate engineering operational documents from several file shares globally which requires retention times to be acquired per compliance. As the home-grown tool was very cumbersome, used up too much resource time and also created issues with performance on the Documentum system, Hess was looking for an alternative out of the box content migration product to effectively and efficiently migrate the file shares to their ECM system OpenText Documentum D2.


fme’s migration product migration-center replaced the in house tool. One of the driving factors at the time was the support of D2 and the robust functionality of migration-center. Furthermore, migration-center had no effect on the target system performance. The customer also scaled the product so that each global location was able to run their own content migrations for their file shares.

migration-center allows Hess Corporation now to run a batch migration of the file shares 10 times faster than before which increases the overall and also end user productivity. Currently, Hess is finalizing the migration of about 2-3 million documents from their file shares.

Additionally, migrations from SharePoint and OpenText’s Physical Records Manager were carried out with fme’s migration-center.