Bundled migration knowledge at your disposal

The fme Migration Services team supports you with all services related to migration projects and the product migration-center. Whether you need support in a specific area, or you want someone to take care of your entire migration project in a full service agreement, we are convinced our Migration Services team is the best choice for you.

Migration Services

Our team consists of software developers, project managers, migration specialists and communication experts. Through our best practice methods, short lines of communication and the nearshore fme development center we are able to provide high quality, while always keeping an eye on cost optimization.

Do you have a migration project scheduled? Then bring in our Migration Services team. Our migration experts are available for support:

  • On-site assessment of your existing and planned environments
  • We will recommend the optimal procedure for upgrading or migrating your environment to the current version or to a new client
  • Depending on the complexity of your clients, we also recommend a single or multi-day analysis conducted by fme experts, in order to determine the proper strategy

Before starting out big, you should be sure that you have the right plan to fulfill your requirements. This is especially important to reveal possible risks or limits, so you can deal with them at an early stage of your migration project and estimate the total cost and time needed.

A migration project always requires extensive coordination. Eventually, it is your workforce, which works with the systems and which needs to be interrupted as little as possible during a content migration. Therefore, good project management and the involvement of the relevant divisions is an important matter in migration projects. Benefit from our experience and use our techniques that have been proven reliable and effective in this field.

The migration-center API allows customers and partners to build new connectors or customize existing ones. Either we can provide you with training to enable your IT experts to develop a new connector by themselves or we can develop any kind of connector for you.

Additionally to the standard product support, we offer you extended 1st, 2nd and 3rd level support for your individual migration use case by granting you a dedicated supporter to ensure fast and efficient troubleshooting.

You want a migration from A to B without having any hassle yourself. Our team supports various tasks:

  • Providing and executing a project plan
  • Installing, configuring & operating migration-center
  • Taking care of the entire project documentation and communication

Enable your employees to operate migration-center as professionals right from the start. In face-to-face or remote workshops your people have the possibility to work directly and in person with fme AG’s training team. This ensures the best start possible for your first migration-center project. The training includes:

  • Full overview of all capabilities of migration-center
  • Setup of a working environment
  • Hands-on-training for your specific use case
  • Q&A session to answer all critical questions

While migrating content and data it is important to verify that all migrated content arrives in the target system by means of quality and quantity. We help you to set up validation strategies for your migration project:

  • Black box test strategy
  • Creation and adaptation of QA documents and reports
  • Definition of representative sample sets

CSV establishes documented evidence which provides a high degree of assurance that a specific computer system will consistently produce results that meet its predetermined specifications and quality attributes.
The validation…

  • ensures data integrity
  • reduces risk and legal liability
  • helps prevent software problems before reaching production / usage environments

Especially in large migration projects monitoring & reporting is very critical due to several reasons:

  • Ensuring transparency and accountability of the migration
  • Early awareness of problems
  • Compliance
  • Meeting QA targets

We can set up monitoring and reporting tools so that you are always constantly up to date about the current project status.

In case you need support to install and configure your migration-center environment, we can also do that for you, so you have it running in no time:

  • Installation of migration-center and job servers
  • Setup of migration-center scanners and importers
  • Configuration of content transformation rules
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Questions that matter

Depending on the specific use case, a migration can turn into a highly complex project. Besides the technical aspects that have to be taken into consideration, also the project management and communication within the enterprise can turn out to be a challenge, as multiple departments are affected and need to be coordinated.

Who organizes the communication with the operational departments?

What kind of training do your people need?

Who operates the tool and defines the transformation rules?

What kind of reporting is required?

How do you ensure that your targets are met?

How can individual requests be implemented?

Is your time and cost estimation accurate?

What kind of hardware is required?

What kind of skills are required?

Our Migration Services team will answer all these questions to make sure that all of these success factors are considered in your migration project.

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Our local Service Partners

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We offer a worldwide network of competent Service Partners who can provide you with active and reliable support for your migration challenges in your respective region on all continents (except for Antarctica).

Feel free to contact the suitable Service Partner and discuss all that matters directly with them!