Case study

Complex document migration from EMC Documentum to OpenText

Data integrity

Data integrity preserved


Compliance specifications upheld

Usability improvements

User-friendliness increased through improved storage structure

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MAN Energy Solutions faced the challenge of replacing their existing enterprise content management system based on EMC Documentum and transferring the documents contained therein to a new system based on OpenText. Over the years, a complex document storage system with fixed structures and processes used to manage millions of documents on the terabyte scale had arisen at the internationally operating company. This system was also used as a SAP archive. It enabled metadata-based searches, even outside of SAP.

The goal of the complex project was to preserve the data integrity of the documents throughout the migration to OpenText Content Suite and to simultaneously streamline certain points. The data also had to be enriched in order to replace the folder structure-based document storage system with department- and position-based storage.


migration-center, fme’s market-leading migration product, allowed the documents to be migrated to the OpenText target system in a legally and audit-compliant manner. The data integrity was ensured and the desired transformation and cleaning were achieved. Moreover, the folder structure-based filing system was replaced with a new structure in accordance with the OpenText concept of ‘business workspaces.’ The fme team was integrated into the project from the very start. migration-center’s ‘Delta Migration’ feature prevented system downtimes during the entire project and migration phase.

“The data volume that we had to transfer was on the terabyte scale. We had around two million documents that had to be migrated from a deeply rooted storage structure to OpenText, with the important prerequisite that no data get lost. fme tackled this extremely complex task with its migration-center product and took the project to its successful conclusion in an expert, professional manner.” Achim Wilke – IT Project Manager @ MAN Energy Solutions