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The Hyland Alfresco connector of migration-center supports migrating documents and folders from many different source systems like databases, file shares or Microsoft SharePoint to Alfresco. For performance reasons one part of the connector is installed on the Alfresco server as an Alfresco Module (AMP). Besides that, the process is fully scalable to manage large data volumes with ease.

Illustration | 11Platform consolidation
Replace existing applications with Hyland Alfresco and thus consolidate all legacy platforms into one. With migration-center’s Alfresco importer everything is set to migrate from many different source platforms to Alfresco.
The connector works with the Alfresco webservices and is fast and reliable. The transformation engine makes it possible to transform the metadata into Alfresco (custom) object types while maintaining all kinds of information of the different sources.

Illustration | 17Rollout
migration-center is a great choice to start with Hyland Alfresco and initially fill the repository with data for new applications. With the source connectors for many major DMS but also for file shares and generic databases, migration-center can migrate into any custom Alfresco configuration via webservices. The migration can be conducted in the background and support a delta mechanism. With this functionality, the old systems or file shares can still be used until the new Alfresco platform is prepared and productive.


Access valuable insights about migrating to Hyland Alfresco with migration-center’s assistance: explore potential use cases, compatible source systems, and an overview of our migration process, conveniently consolidated on one page!

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Six precision steps for optimal migration results

Leveraging years of expertise in migration projects, migration-center implements a structured six-step process for optimal results. Each step operates independently and concurrently, facilitating adaptability. Notably, the migration-center database serves as the arena for all operations, enabling early detection and correction of transformation or mapping errors before the final import stage.

Migration process | Step 1

Extract & analyze

All objects to be migrated to Hyland Alfresco are exported from their corresponding source system and can be analyzed in terms of type, format, metadata, and other properties.

Migration process | Step 2


The objects are now organized into manageable sets. Such a set is usually created from objects that have something in common and are to be processed in the same or a similar way.

Migration process | Step 3

Transform & map

Transformation rules are assigned to each migration set, which are used to generate the properties for Hyland Alfresco. The transformation is executed within migration-center.

Migration process | Step 4


The transformed metadata of the documents is tested and validated against Hyland Alfresco but without importing the objects.

Migration process | Step 5


Potential errors are detected during the transformation and validation steps and can be corrected in unlimited iterations of step 3 and 4.

Migration process | Step 6 | Hyland Alfresco


The transformed and validated objects are gradually imported into Hyland Alfresco.

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Feel free to view our most recent Hyland Alfresco webinar recording at your convenience on our YouTube channel. In this session, we provide an overview of migration-center, highlight its benefits, and feature a live demo where a migration expert demonstrates a sample content migration.

Investigate your personal migration path

Seamlessly transition your content to Hyland Alfresco with migration-center. Whether your data resides in databases, file shares, cloud platforms, or legacy applications, migration-center simplifies the migration process. Explore the supported capabilities and versions by selecting your source and target systems in the Connector Matrix below.

Source System

Supported versions:

Target System

Supported versions: 3.4, 4.0, 4.1, 4.2, 5.0.2, 5.1, 5.2, 6.1.1, 6.2, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3

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