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Many pharmaceutical companies today are faced with the challenge of implementing and optimizing electronic submissions on a timely basis. They aim at shortening the process and accelerating a product’s time to market. DXC’s compliance solutions FirstDoc and FirstPoint deliver powerful and certified software in the areas of research, development, quality and manufacturing. migration-center offers a powerful bundling of expertise, especially in the areas of drug submission and regulatory affairs. Run your document migration process fast and safely.

  • 211 possible migration paths

  • 100 % out-of-the-box (no additional programming effort)

  • Proven in more than 1.000 projects

  • Saves up to 80 % in time & 60 % in costs

  • Certified by leading ECM vendors

  • No business downtime

  • High performance through scalable components

  • Suited for highly regulated environments

  • 15+ years on the market

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Outstanding features available

Regulatory compliance

Assurance of regulatory compliance because of full migration process audit trail

Suited for complex scenarios

Use a process model & technique for highly complex migrations

API & framework for customizations

Adjust the connector & framework to suit your individual project requirements

Delta migration capability

Avoid system downtimes with successive delta migrations

Migration Process | New

Incorporating best practice processes and the migration experience of more than 20 years migration-center can reduce migration costs and time substantially.

“After comparing a range of products, we were impressed by the functional richness of migration-center. The product has proven to be very flexible and we will use it on a permanent basis for consolidating large document pools.” Bert Köhler – Project Leader @ RWE DEA

Ready to import from your source system

Migration Target | DXC FirstDoc

Migrate from various databases, ECMs, file shares & legacy applications.

migration-center supports a variety of different features and versions of DXC FirstDoc to offer the greatest range of application possibilities.

Is there another version or feature of DXC FirstDoc you would like us to support?

Just send us a quick message and our development team can look into your request immediately.

Supported versions of DXC FirstDoc

  • 6.3

  • 6.4

  • 7.0 R&D (FDRD)

  • QM (FDGMP)

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All migration paths capabilities in one list

The Connector Matrix allows you to create all currently available migration paths (source system in connection with target system) and to list the supported capabilities and versions.

Source System

Supported versions:

Target System

Supported versions: 6.3, 6.4, 7.0 R&D (FDRD) and QM (FDGMP)

Feature Category Support