Case study

Successfully migrating a legacy system to Veeva Vault RIM

Audit-compliant migration process

Compliance with legal requirements

Excellent throughput during content migration

Functionality to run multiple importers in parallel

Precise & transparent migration control

End-to-end process control

Thumbnail | Case Study | Anonymized biotechnological company


  • Source system: OpenText Documentum, QUMAS
  • Target system: Veeva Vault RIM
  • Product used: migration-center 3.9


A biotechnology company with a focus on medications for patients with serious diseases wanted to migrate part of its portfolio to Veeva Vault’s RIM cloud solution. The challenge was moving from a legacy system to a highly organized platform, which required transforming the metadata to fit into Veeva Vault RIM. The migration involved two separate legacy systems – one containing clinical and regulatory documents and the other involving health authority correspondence, submissions, and registration data. Veeva also limits the daily API burst, which in return limits the number of documents that can be imported at one time.


fme with its product migration-center was chosen to partner with the client to do the migration. The capability of migration-center to scan different data sets helped to successfully migrate the two separate legacy systems to the Veeva Vault RIM target system. In addition, the tranformation function provided the ability to enrich the data prior to the import. Finally, the functionality to run multiple importers in parallel handled the limitation on the daily API burst successfully.

The implementation and migration project to Veeva Vault RIM was our first experience using Veeva Vault. Our partner fme was very knowledgeable and carried out our migration project efficiently. With their product migration-center, a proven tool on the market in Life Sciences, they managed to complete the project on time and budget and thus made it a success.” (Project Manager at biotechnological company)