Case study

Successfully decommissioning a legacy DMS to Microsoft SharePoint & a file share

Migration documentation

Full documentation of migration completeness & correctness for approval by independent QA authority

Metadata transformation

Successful transformation of metadata to conform Microsoft SharePoint restrictions

Cost savings

Significant annual cost savings in the mid-six-figure range

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  • Product used: migration-center 3.6
  • Source systems: OpenText Documentum 6.7
  • Target systems: Microsoft SharePoint 2013, file share


Planning to decommission their OpenText Documentum ECM system, Uniper, a global player from the energy sector, faced a big challenge. Approximately 11.5 million documents with a volume of nearly 2 terabyte of content had to be migrated. The content was spread out over 97 cabinets representing various use cases and/or business units resulting in more than 60 document types with more than 170 individual attributes.

The quality assurance requirements posed another obstacle throughout the migration project as each cabinet had to go through an individual multi-step process proving the completeness and correctness after which an additional user acceptance test and a quality assurance audit had to be passed as well. Finally, the tight timeframe further increased the hurdles to a successful completion of the migration project.


As a solution Uniper chose to make use of the Migration Services team of fme AG in combination with their acclaimed product migration-center. The migration specialists supported Uniper throughout all relevant project phases like analysis, conception, classification, definition of transformation rules, migration and last but not least quality assurance.

By using migration-center, challenges during the migration phase like handling of branches, virtual documents, multiple linking, large documents and various incompatibilities between the source and the target system were handled successfully.

Despite the high requirements the project finished in time and budget.

“The decommissioning of OpenText Documentum to Microsoft SharePoint was an important milestone in our department. With the help of the fme Migration Services team in conjunction with migration-center, we were able to master this challenge without any restrictions despite the high demands on quality assurance and the tight time schedule.” Martin Polak – Generation & Storage IT Manager @ Uniper