Case study

Policy-compliant upgrade & migration to OpenText Documentum 6.7


Compliant to records policies

Connector addition

The already existing migration-center core was equipped with an additional connector

On time & budget

The project was delivered on time and budget

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  • Source system: OpenText Documentum 6.5
  • Target system: OpenText Documentum 6.7
  • Product used: migration-center


Canadian Blood Services had already used migration-center successfully in a previous project and was in additional need for an OpenText Documentum upgrade. As they were also required to change the operating system to Microsoft Windows 2008, an in-place migration was not possible. The main challenge was to ensure that all retention policies that were tied to the information and repositories were migrated properly. Furthermore, the new Documentum repository had to be auditable and traceable for the retention.


The fme team assisted with the upgrade to ensure that the retention policies were successfully migrated to the new Documentum repository and created a solution for migration-center which enabled migrating retentions and security at the same time. The client already had experienced previous success moving file shares to their OpenText Documentum repository when they decided to switch from an older product on the market to migration-center several years ago. It was very easy for Canadian Blood Services to add the additional Documentum to Documentum migration path to the current environment. Canadian Blood Services uses migrationcenter internally on their own, but were of course assisted with the records retention documents in the upgrade by the fme US service team. Thus, the client was fully enabled to comply with records policies. In the future Canadian Blood Services plans to use the IBM Domino to Documentum migration path of migration-center to retire their legacy Domino systems.

“migration-center is a great product. It had richer features and functionality than the previous ETL tool we were using. It alleviated the need to do any custom scripting for migrations and helped us to comply to our records policies.” Vincent Yeung – Senior Software Developer, Documentum @ Canadian Blood Services