Skyrocket your professional services business with migration-center

Colleague | Fredrik Olsson

Fredrik Olsson
Senior Sales & Business Development Manager @ fme AG

March 27, 2019

Do you run an ECM business unit but face the issue of being too late into new biddings, not really knowing who looks for a new ECM? We have experienced this challenge ourselves and solved it through our content migration software “migration-center”, the number one data migration tool  on the market as of today.

We want you! We are now looking for partners worldwide

We can give you the key to get a very early indication of enterprise ECM strategy changes in your area, utilize migration-center to open up doors and opportunities you never thought where there and to grow your professional services projects based upon migration-center.

Be the first to know about ECM strategy changes and become visible

With our out-of-the-box data migration software migration-center, our partners get migration requests before the RfP is out. Most ECM projects start with the thoughts of how to migrate the data. With migration-center in your portfolio, you will be the one they will find, when searching your region for content migration.

You become more visible with our marketing support and activities, announcements about new product features and connectors within the migration-center software and you will get in touch with companies long before your competition.

Open up sales doors you have never seen before

Data migration is an ever growing business, especially now in times of digital transformation. It is all about content and how to bring it fast and secure into the new environment. With dedicated and targeted sales campaigns, you automatically receive attention in your market. Since the subject is prioritized throughout any lifecycle of an ECM system, you will get the attention drawn to your company. Once in touch, you will be able to place your professional services and consultancy in combination with a stable and reliable migration software. The rest is up to you and your team.

migration-center is just the base for the bigger professional services projects

We help you building up your data migration services around migration-center. The financial project volume can very fast escalate to five and even six digit numbers. Don’t let this chance pass by you.

Reach out to us now and let us show you, how you can become an expert of content migration and get access to this powerful, door-opening tool to push your digitalization portfolio forward and win new customers. The number one migration software with 16+ years on the market for content migrations speaks for itself!

We are now looking for partners in several regions like Europe, Asia Pacific and South America. So contact me and I will be happy to make a short introduction on how you can grow your business and win new customer with migration-center in your portfolio!