Project Insights – Successful consolidation & migration from different source systems to a file share

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migration-center team

November 17, 2021

There are many good reasons that drive organizations to tackle a data migration – evolving into a single standardized ECM platform after operating multiple repositories with inaccurate or duplicate data is one of them. In our latest Project Insights blogpost, we’d like to share the successful consolidation project of a construction project company with you. Discover how they mastered the challenge of migrating a huge amount of documents from OpenText Content Suite and IBM FileNet IS to their file share in a short timeframe.

Requirements & approach

Let’s start with some key figures on the applied technology:

Former source systems:OpenText Content Server, IBM FileNet IS
New target system:File share
Product solution used:migration-center

During the migration, it was essential to preserve the metadata, such as the date of creation and last modification on all documents and folders. A second very important aspect was the correct replication of the user rights, especially as personal workspaces were part of the migration.

By using migration-center, the client’s tool of choice, the construction project company was able to migrate data from two different source systems to their file share with the same tool while retaining all important information.


The fme team’s quick and efficient support helped to resolve all upcoming questions so that the migration was finished in time and even below the estimated budget. All legacy systems could be shut down as planned, saving further maintenance costs.

The construction project company especially liked the extension capability of migration-center to connect to so many different source and target systems. Having purchased the core software, they now have the opportunity to add new migration paths at a reasonable price to help them with future complex migration projects.


  • Preservation of data integrity

  • Migration completed in time & on budget

  • Low impact on daily work

Positive client feedback

»Your tool made our day and fast-tracked our content migration. We can feel that we already exceeded the ROI beside the fact that your team always supported us during the migration. I expect fme to have full success in future projects as every word that you mentioned in your brochure is true.«

If you are also approaching a data consolidation and migration from one or more legacy systems to a new target application and need support, please don’t hesitate and reach out to our professional migration team.