Project Insights – Migrating content from Legacy OpenText Documentum to Veeva QualityDocs

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migration-center team

June 3, 2021

Working with outdated legacy applications involves several inconveniences – high maintenance costs, lack of support, and the inability to comply with industry regulations or safety requirements are just a few of them. Thus, the customer of our latest blogpost decided to evolve. Enjoy the insights into a migration project the fme Professional Services team recently completed.

Project trigger

A specialty biopharmaceutical company had a legacy OpenText Documentum solution which was no longer supported by OpenText. Document Compliance Manager went out of support and proved rather costly to continue with the extended support. Veeva QualityDocs was chosen as the new solution for managing quality documentation and standard operating procedures.

  • Industry focus
  • Product used
  • Source system
  • Target system
  • Biopharmaceutical
  • migration-center 3.13
  • OpenText Documentum DCM 6.5
  • Veeva QualityDocs

Understanding legacy data

There was a challenge to migrate the data from the legacy system to the new Veeva QualityDocs. The mapping of the metadata between the two solutions was difficult as well as the familiarity of what was currently stored in the legacy system was missing. An analysis was completed with the help of fme Professional Services to understand the legacy data. The data housed was effective standard operating procedures, quality compliance records, and vendor and contractor documentation. There were also audit trails, renditions, and supporting documents stored that needed to be preserved.

Seamless migration

Based on the completion of the analysis and a formal migration plan provided by fme Professional Services, the migration project was completed successfully. The fme team utilized its vendor-certified migration software migration-center to perform the necessary migration steps. Once the data was understood, the mappings to the new Veeva QualityDocs solution were accomplished.

The tool of choice – migration-center – allowed a seamless migration from the legacy solution taking advantage of the powerful transformation engine it provides. Next to documents and their content, it supports the migration of audit trails and renditions into new platforms meeting the individual client’s requirements.

Drawing a conclusion

Together with the customer, and the help of migration-center, the fme team managed to deliver the project within the given time and budget frame.

Project achievements

  • Shortened time for an efficient roll-out of Veeva QualityDocs due to precise and transparent migration control

  • Compliance for effective Standard Operating Procedures

  • The project was completed on time and on budget

Customer’s voice

At fme, what really matters to all involved stakeholders when executing a customized data migration, is to achieve the client’s target specifications and ensure their satisfaction.

»Working with fme to correctly migrate data from Documentum into our new Veeva QualityDocs was so helpful as they worked on the analysis with us for clarification and helped us with their product to map the data accordingly. We were very pleased with the results and we were able to migrate all of our documents successfully!«

Are you also struggling with the costs of your legacy system or the inefficiency of unstructured legacy data? Contact us and let our migration experts help you to make your migration a success.