Project Insights – Decommissioning an IT asset management application

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migration-center team

May 12, 2021

Since its release in 2005, migration-center successfully carried out thousands of ECM migrations. Among migration-center’s portfolio of accomplished projects, there are classical content migrations from one system to another. However, migration scenarios can turn out quite diverse. Within this article we would like to provide insights into a very particular decommissioning challenge, our archiving experts succeeded in.

What were the individual requirements?

  • Industry
  • Product used
  • Source systems
  • Target system
  • Industrial manufacturing
  • migration-center 3.14
  • LDAP, file share, Oracle DB
  • OpenText InfoArchive 20.2

One of the leading international manufacturers of commercial vehicles used an internal application to manage and track the lifecycle of their hardware assets, such as cell phones, printers, and Desktop PCs. The application documented the entire lifecycle from acquisition, operation and maintenance, refurbishing, and redistribution to dismantling.

As part of their innovation and move to the cloud strategy the client introduced a new asset management system, but still needed to refer to the original application to access older data that was not part of the migration to the new system. However, this very specific and not frequent use case was in no reasonable relation to the ongoing maintenance costs for the old system and led to the adverse situation of having to pay for two systems instead of reducing costs.

Custom approach

With the help of migration-center, fme extracted the data, which was stored in different places in the LDAP directory, the file share, and multiple databases and created OAIS-conform archival packages. The XML-based packages were then imported into OpenText InfoArchive. This archive solution had been introduced in an earlier project supported by fme AG. It ensures data preservation and compliance according to the applicable regulations and rules.

Looking ahead

Besides carrying out the migration, fme also prepared and configured the archive itself and provided search forms to make the data accessible for the end users. The data from the old IT asset management system will now automatically be added to a purge list and, when approved by the retention manager, be deleted permanently once its retention period is reached.

Success highlights

  • Elimination of operational risks & costs of legacy system

  • Adherence to compliance requirements

  • Full preservation of data integrity during migration to archive

Why migration-center was the best choice for the customer’s project

Equipped with more than 15 years of project experience, our team of consultants and technical experts guaranteed a tailor-made planning process as well as an efficient implementation phase. As confirmed in the respective customer’s voice, your decommissioning projects are in safe hands with us:

»I am very pleased with the result of the data migration as well as its representation in our archive. It was important to us that the end user can continue searching for assets without extensive additional training. This worked smoothly because the searches in the new archive are similar to the searches from the old application.«

Have you also decided on OpenText InfoArchive as your new archive platform? Take a look at our website to learn more about application decommissioning or feel free to contact us in case you have further questions.