Our new product partner program 2020

Colleague | Fredrik Olsson

Frederik Olsson
Senior Sales & Business Development Manager @ fme AG

May 22, 2020

fme AG launches a brand new product partner program

1st of January 2020 fme AG introduced the brand new migration-center partner program based on our content migration software and nearshore migration experts. With this combination we are adapting to the changing demands and the growing market of content migration. Our goal is to help IT companies to close the gap in their ECM portfolio quite easily.

Why did we change to a new partner program?

For more than 16 years migration-center has been a success on the market. Over the years, the need for content migration has increased dramatically but the need for experts with the according knowledge has increased even more.

The digitalization movement has intensified the need to transfer content to a modern ECM system. Customers want to do more with their content, achieve better and faster processes and reduce the number of ECMs in use to save money and create a less complex IT environment. The acceptance of cloud systems is also a driving force for the replacement of ECM systems.

Under the line, the market faces a substantial increase of content migration projects from a multi-system legacy environment into single ECM systems. Some clients even add an additional archive system on top.

Of course, a modern content migration tool needs to handle multi-system migrations, but we have noticed an enlarged demand for migration experts as well. The reason we have identified is that a large number of legacy systems make it difficult for IT service providers to supply their own experts with experience in all those different legacy systems while at the same time proficiency in cloud technology is not always given.

This definitely is a big challenge for most of the IT service providers which is why a standard product partner program would be insufficient.

Get access to our migration experts on a subcontract basis

In order to maintain a tool of more than 220 different migration paths, supporting quite a lot of popular ECM systems, our team of migration consultants has also grown over the past few years. We are involved in several migration projects on a daily basis and no end is in sight.

With the new situation and the increasing demand for migration experts, we realized that this could soon turn into a bottleneck. For IT service providers it is very time and cost intensive to train their own employees on legacy ECM systems, migration skills and the new cloud technologies. This situation is quite natural though; who wants to learn about a legacy system thoroughly if it is only a one-time project?

We realized we had the answer right in front of us.

With our team of experienced migration consultants working with various new and old systems on a daily basis and serving customers worldwide, it does make sense for us to take on this role as well. Enlarging the team seemed to be easier for us.

We, fme AG, have now opened up our Migration Services team to our partners around the world.

A win for everyone

An IT product partnership doesn’t make sense if you do not offer a comprehensive service around the product, worldwide and at competitive prices for professional services.

We have reacted to an increased demand in search for migration tools including professional services. We also continue the successful support to answer RfPs fast and convincing together with our partners. Our sales support to our partners has become almost as important as the tool itself.

In our view a product partnership should cover at least the following points:

  • A fast-evolving product with regular feature updates
  • Professional services at highly competitive daily rates, covering everything from product training to full project delivery on a sub-contract basis
  • Partner support with sales and marketing activities in their region and assistance in answering RfPs

With our new partner program introduced in January this year, we took all these points into consideration and are now delivering on it.

After a great acceptance within our existing partner network, we are now looking for new partners in Europe, Asia Pacific and South America. Reach out and we can tell you more about this excellent chance. We are looking for quality, not quantity, so make sure you become one of the chosen partners!